Variable geometry™ spinal decompression

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Back pain and sciatica

Act on the pain effectively and without medication, it is possible!

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Headaches ?

We trated thousands of satisfied patients

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Herniated disc ?

To end the pain.

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A reputation that transcends borders

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Chronic pain?

Certain types of chronic pain can benefit tremendously from chiropractic treatments (which are not limited to the treatment of back pain), but WHY is this, exactly? Think of your nervous system as your body’s “electrical wiring” which, along with various other systems (endocrine, cardiovascular, respiratory, etc.), regulates your vital organs.

The nervous system is the body’s means of sending signals and of coordinating movements and vital functions.

When this system is “short-circuited,” for example, by a subluxation or a pinched nerve, the functioning of your organs, and arms and legs risks being affected (in the absence of another underlying condition or disease).

From migraines to problems digesting, walking or sleeping, any manner of pain and discomfort can quickly turn chronic, disrupting your everyday life.

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