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Video testimonials


The testimonials on this site are real and authentic, and were provided voluntarily (no financial compensation). We recommend that viewers always bear in mind their personal health condition, and not consider these statements as any form of a guarantee.


8 short testimonials
10 detailed testimonials

Short testimonials

  • Martin Ouellet

    Electrical contractor.

  • Mario Létourneau


  • Claude Larose


  • Ginette Levesque

    Flag person

  • Jean-François Bourbeau

    President, transport company

  • Michel Baril

    Mortgage advisor

  • Diane Quimper

    Human Resources manager

  • Benito Scarsella

    Retired construction worker

Complete testimonials

  • M. Pierre Guay

    School bus driver, was walking with two canes.

  • M. Richard Daviau

    Truck driver. lumbar sprain.

  • Mme Luisa Perfetto

    IT Analyst, chronic back pain.

  • M. René Noël

    Golf professional, neck pain and back.

  • Mme. Sylvie Poulin

    Production Planner, back pain.

  • M. Nicolas Jean

    Operator hoists, chronic headaches.

  • Mme. Ginette Peat

    Housewife, made ​​in the column.

  • Mme. Nancy Dubé

    Mother of 6 children, back pain.

  • Mme. Louise Féminier

    Naturopath, rugged road..

  • M. Pierre Decarie

    Pressman, headaches and migraines.

  • M. Claude Savoie

    Mattress. back pain.