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First visit


Opening the file

As a first step, we will compile relevant information about you, including your personal information, family history, and medical history—this is what is known as anamnesis. An assistant will walk you through this process. The information collected will then be examined by Dr. Robidoux Chiropractor, who will determine the number and type of x-rays to be taken.

The clinical investigation

A technician will perform a radiological examination consisting of static (still) and dynamic (moving) images. These x-rays will then be analyzed by Dr. Robidoux Chiropractor and explained to the patient.

The diagnosis

Based on the results of the clinical investigation, Dr. Robidoux Chiropractor will establish his diagnosis. An accurate diagnosis is crucial, hence the importance of using leading-edge screening tools, such as dynamic radiology (fluoroscopy).

The protocol

Traitement assisté par ordinateurAfter having informed the patient of the diagnosis, Dr. Robidoux Chiropractor will suggest a personalized treatment protocol, mainly involving computer-assisted chiropractic adjustments (the basis of the treatment), with certain complementary methods such as Variable GeometryTM spinal decompression, shockwave therapy, or neurocryostimulation therapy (although these are optional).

Chiropractic adjustments using the activator are fast, painless, and completely safe. The treatment lasts only a few minutes.

Spinal decompression is done in a private room and lasts about 20-30 minutes. Many patients take advantage of this time to rest or even take a short nap.

The results

Whether or not your health or quality of life improves will depend on several factors, including your general health condition, family history, lifestyle, frequency of treatments, etc.

Let’s consider two people who are suffering from the same problem:

  • The first smokes, doesn’t exercise, drinks too much coffee and alcohol, and comes to his treatments only sporadically.
  • The second doesn’t smoke, exercises regularly, drinks the occasional glass of wine, and never misses a treatment.

Whom do you think has the better chance of improving? The answer is obvious!

However legitimate they may be, a patient’s expectations can be unrealistic. Chiropractors aren’t miracle workers—you need to be patient and consistent if you want to see results.

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