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Dizziness and vertigo

Doctor, everything’s spinning…

Vertiges et étourdissements


Do you feel dizzy and lightheaded? Do you feel like everything around you is spinning and swaying?

Do you sometimes feel nauseated?

Do you often get headaches?

If you answered “yes” to these questions and an ENT specialist has examined your vestibular system and found no problem, if your family doctor has ruled out high blood pressure or any other condition, if you’ve never had a concussion, and if you’re generally healthy, then it’s highly likely that your cervical vertebrae are the root cause of your dizziness and vertigo.


Dr. Robidoux Chiropractor weighs in

Dr. André Robidoux ChiropractorLet’s describe cervical vertigo in terms that are easy to understand.

Cervical vertigo is simply the result of a misalignment in this area. When the vertebrae aren’t in the right place or when their movement is limited in any way, this is called a vertebral subluxation.

A subluxation can occur anywhere in the spine—in the cervical, dorsal or lumbar region—causing a range of problems and pain.

In the neck area, it can cause other problems, such as migraines and headaches, but also vertigo and dizziness. These symptoms are sometimes isolated but can also occur simultaneously.

With a thorough radiological examination consisting of static x-rays and video fluoroscopy, I can establish a precise diagnosis that will enable me to pinpoint the source of the problem and suggest appropriate treatment.

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