Considérée comme un service essentielle, notre clinique est ouverte durant la pandémie.

A reputation that transcends borders

From France, Algeria, Mexico, Senegal, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, people come from all over the world to be treated at Dr. Robidoux Chiropractor’s clinic.


Témoignage - Nicolaï Thomov

“My name is Nicolaï Thomas and I’m from Paris. I was suffering from a terrible headache; after a thorough examination, Dr. Robidoux Chiropractor found problems with my spine. With each treatment, I felt better and better. I started enjoying life again. There’s no one like him in France!”

Nicolaï Thomov (THOMAS)
Producer, author and director


Témoignage - Yacine Boubekeur

“I hope that the Doctor as well as everyone who works at your esteemed clinic are doing well. I am pleased to report that after almost two months of treatments at your clinic, I have seen a great improvement. I can now run and work out. You should also know that I have been enthusiastically spreading the word about your clinic and the high quality of care that you provide.”

Yacine Boubekeur
Commercial pilot


Témoignage - Robert Lapierre“When you’re desperate for relief, flying over 3,000 kilometres is no big deal. Dr. Robidoux Chiropractor was very forthright and professional. The results speak for themselves.”

Robert Lapierre
Puerto Vallarta


Témoignage - Babacar Diagne“I didn’t hesitate for one second to bring my mother over from Africa so she could be treated by Dr. Robidoux Chiropractor. Her quality of life was restored and she returned to Africa pain‑free.”

Babacar Diagne
on behalf of Ndeye Faye (mother)

Democratic Republic of Congo

Témoignage - Thérese Fouana“I arrived at the clinic in Montreal walking with a cane and literally doubled over with back pain. After only a few treatments, I felt a definite improvement to the point where I was able to stop taking the drugs and get rid of the cane. I was treated with compassion at the clinic, but above all, I got results and I got my health back—something I sincerely wish for everyone.”

Thérèse Fouana